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Phone: 301.405.2391
Office Address: 2227 Biology-Psychology Bldg
Sara A. Lombardi
Senior Lecturer
Director of Undergraduate Studies


Ph.D. Marine Estuarine Environmental Sciences. University of Maryland
BSc. Biology and Marine Science with a secondary emphasis in Education. Juniata College


BSCI 201: Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BSCI 202: Human Anatomy and Physiology II
AREC 200: The Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem: Intersection of Science, Economics, and Policy
BSCI 399H: Biology Department Honors Research
BSCI 399: Biology Department Research
BSCI 279T: Supplemental Study–BSCI Learning Assistants
BSCI 279P: Supplemental Study; Undergraduate Teaching Seminar
CLFS 608A: Seminar in Current Topics in Chemical and Life Science; Independent Research

Research Interests

My research focuses on physiological ecology, particularly, the impacts of predation and ambient oxygen concentration on metabolic physiology and energy allocation. I am especially interested in research which has conservation and management applications. I am also involved in science education research focusing on improving student learning gains, content retention, retention in the STEM fields, and perceptions of science.

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