Three from Biology to Serve on College's Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council

CMNS Dean Amitabh Varshney launched the CMNS Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council in September 2020 with the following statement: "Our college is committed to creating an educational and work environment that is rich in diversity, inclusive, and supportive of all students, faculty, and staff. This new Council will advise me and senior leaders in the college on issues, opportunities, and activities related to diversity, inclusion, equity and awareness in the college, including climate, recruitment, retention, and outreach."

Three Council members are from Biology:

  • John Ficklin, Graduate Student, Biological Sciences (Advisor: Eric Haag)
  • Sara Lombardi, Senior Lecturer, Biology
  • Gerald "Jerry" Wilkinson, CMNS Diversity Officer; Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Graduate Education, CMNS; Professor, Biology ** ex-officio

Visit the CMNS website for more information on the Council and its activities.