Department of Biology faculty members welcome undergraduates into their research laboratories.

The areas of research emphasis in the department include:

To arrange a research experience with a faculty member, a student should visit the faculty member's webpage. After reading about a faculty member's research interests, students should request an appointment with the faculty member. During this appointment, the student and faculty member will discuss a student's interests, space availability in the research lab and the student's availability. If an agreement is made between student and faculty member, a research project is outlined and the student may register for research credit.

No faculty member will turn away a truly interested and obviously motivated student. It is the student's job to demonstrate these characteristics to the faculty member. Research projects require significant time and dedication. Students must show a sincere commitment to the research experience.

Students may count a maximum of 3 credits of research toward the upper-level requirements of the Biological Sciences undergraduate program.

See the Biological Sciences website for additional information on research and internship opportunities and for research funding opportunities.