Disability Invisibility in Academia

Neuroscience and Cognitive Science graduate students Ira Kraemer (advisor: Catherine Carr) and Elizabeth Kolberg wrote an essay in Acoustics Today titled "Disability Invisibility in Academia - How to Support Disabled People in Research and Beyond."

They wrote: "...Accessibility in research, classrooms, field sites, and many more is crucial to the participation of students, staff, and faculty with disabilities. Disabled people have the knowledge, passion, and creativity to thrive in academia. However, inaccessibility and the stigma of disability in society even today is a large barrier to being able to do so. Please consider openly welcoming disabled people, advocating for them, accommodating them, and believing in their needs and talents. When in doubt, ask the disabled person directly about what accommodations they need. It's never too late to be more inclusive."

Read the full essay on the Acoustics Today website.