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Phone: 301.405.1094
Office: 3220 Biology-Psychology Bldg
Melissa Caras
Assistant Professor

Graduate Program Affiliations

  • Neuroscience and Cognitive Science (NACS)
  • BISI-Physiological Systems (PSYS)
  • BISI-Behavior, Ecology, Evolution, & Systematics (BEES)

Research Interests

The ability to improve and refine sensory facilities with practice - a process known as perceptual learning - is critical for the acquisition of a variety of complex behaviors, including speech and language. The fundamental importance of perceptual learning in shaping our day-to-day actions and perceptions makes it of vital interest to determine how training-based improvements are implemented in the brain.  Dr. Caras explores this issue by measuring and manipulating the activation of neural circuits in freely-moving, behaving animals, with a primary focus on plasticity in auditory and top-down modulatory networks. Her laboratory employs a number of advanced approaches, including wireless recordings from multichannel electrode arrays, optogenetics, targeted infusions of pharmacological agents, quantitative animal behavior, and neuroanatomical tracing. 

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