Arthur Popper
Contact Info
Office Phone: 301.405.1940
Lab Phone: 301.405.6903
Fax: 301.314.9358
Office Address: 2225 Biology-Psychology Bldg
Arthur Popper
Professor Emeritus

Graduate Program Affiliations

  • Neuroscience & Cognitive Science (NACS)
  • BISI-Physiological Systems (PSYS)
  • BISI-Behavior, Ecology, Evolution, & Systematics (BEES)

Research Interests

Marine bio-acoustics, or the study of acoustic behavior by aquatic organisms. In particular, work in my lab asks questions about: (1) Structure, function, and evolution of the vertebrate auditory system, with an emphasis on auditory mechanisms in fishes; and (2) Effects of human-generated (anthropogenic) sound on aquatic organisms, including effects of high-intensity sources and longer-term but lower-level increases in background sound. Studies in both areas involve morphological, physiological, and behavioral approaches to help understand hearing mechanisms and capabilities. Most recently, our work has focussed on the effects of very intense sounds on fish. Studies have involved the effects of very intense sonar. Currently, we are examining how sounds produced during marine construction, and particularly pile driving (as used in the construction of bridges, piers, and wind farms) affect hearing and physiology of fish.


  • 2010 University System of Maryland Board of Regents' Faculty Award for Mentoring


Ph.D., CUNY Graduate Center, 1969

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