College Awarded 41 Campus Teaching Innovation Grants

The University of Maryland awarded its College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences (CMNS) with 41 Teaching Innovation Grants totaling over $477,000 to reimagine and reshape the future of teaching and learning at the university. The awardees will use the funding to develop new and creative instructional strategies for their Fall 2020 courses.

“Our current unprecedented situation with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic presents great challenges but also provides new opportunities to learn about, develop and plan outstanding online courses that are adaptable and accessible to all students under a variety of circumstances and are highly innovative,” UMD Senior Vice President and Provost Mary Ann Rankin said in the grant solicitation.

Fall 2020 courses that will be redesigned by Biology faculty with the Teaching Innovation Grant funds include:

  • BSCI201/202: Sara Lombardi
  • BSCI207: Karen Carleton, Bretton Kemp, Nick Fletcher, Leo Shapiro
  • BSCI222: Kimberly A Paczolt, David Straney
  • BSCI353/NEUR306: Daniel A Butts, Chan Lin, Hilary Bierman
  • BSCI441: Carmen Z. Cantemir-Stone, Jonathan Edward Schenk, Alexandra Lorraine Fireman, Domenick Braccia, Jason Peprah
  • BSCI454: Hilary Bierman, David Sandstrom

To see the full list of funded courses, visit the CMNS Teaching and Learning Center website.