College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Robert J. Dooling

Robert Dooling

Affiliate Professor (Department of Psychology)


Office Phone: 301-405-5925
Office Address: 2123D BPS

Graduate Program Affiliations

  • BISI - BISI-Physiological Systems (PSYS)
  • BISI - BISI-Behavior, Ecology, Evolution, & Systematics (BEES)

Research Interests

My research interests include the comparative and evolutionary biology of hearing and auditory perception; the learning, production, and perception of bird vocalizations; the return of hearing following hair cell regeneration, and the effects of noise on hearing.

Recent Publications

  • Adler, H.J., Sanovich, E., Brittan-Powell, E.F. Dooling, R.J. (2007) WDR1 localization to hair cells in the avian inner ear. Abstracts of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology, Denver, Colorado, 30:30.
  • Dooling R.J. (2007). Detection and discrimination and detection of complex sounds by birds in quiet and noise. Fourth International Conference on Bio-Acoustics. Holywell Park, UK.
  • Dooling, R.J. (2007). International Conference on the Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life. Nyborg, Denmark.
  • Dooling, R.J. (2007). The International Ethological Conference. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Dooling, R.J., Gleich, O., and Manley, G.A. (2007). Acoustical Society of America, 153nd annual meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Lauer, A. M., Dooling, R. J., and Eisenberg, M. (2007). Discrimination of natural and acoustically altered song syllables of normal-hearing and hearing-impaired canaries. Association for Research in Otolaryngology, Denver, CO.


Ph.D., St. Louis University, 1975. Comparative psychoacoustics, hearing, vocal communication, and vocal learning in animals; hair cell regeneration and recovery of auditory function.